Baby B turns 1!

Taking photos of moments that will be cherished forever gives me all the warm fuzzies inside and is hands down incredible. Capturing those moments for my closest friends is even better! Shortly after I was hired on at my first job out of college, Taylor joined our team, and thank goodness she did! (Seriously, I wouldn’t have survived without you.) Fast forward past both our weddings, exciting new career moves, and one pregnancy – sweet Baby B is now ONE! It was the best day photographing Taylor and Dustin with Brantley, complete with chickens, a straw hat, and a whole lotta watermelon!

Bates family 5Taylor and B 2Taylor and B 1Bates family 4Dustin and B 2Brantley 2Brantley 4Dustin and B 7Brantley 8Brantley 7Brantley 9Brantley 18Brantley 16

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