Barosko Family

Amelia came to me with a couple hesitations. 1. She had a larger family and shared it could be difficult to manage them all. (Coming from a big family myself I completely understood this concern!) 2. Her son rarely smiles for photos, but rather gives a thumbs up sign. I assured her neither would be an issue. With a photography approach that blends fun and natural candid moments with traditional group poses, their family session would be easy and enjoyable for everyone. And my goodness, it was! Sisters were giving piggy back rides and playing handclap games while the two youngest both whipped out nerf guns mid shoot!


Wait, stop scrolling! Did you see who smiled in this family photo? Her son! Marking that down as a major win! Okay, continue.BaroskoFamily-9BaroskoFamily-20BaroskoFamily-23BaroskoFamily-29

Pew pew! The whole session mom and dad kept saying, “Holster those things!” when they wanted a “nicer” family shot ha!BaroskoFamily-39BaroskoFamily-37

And as for the thumbs up… well, it was totally embraced and I loved it. This was completely the fams idea and it was amazing! BaroskoFamily-35BaroskoFamily-36BaroskoFamily-58BaroskoFamily-4

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