Winter portrait session at Michigan tree farm // Chloe

When I first started to consider making photography more than a hobby, my sweet friend Chloe was always willing to be my subject as I was learning to nail all my photo settings and find my style and really just practice, practice, practice! She was one of the first people who encouraged me to keep at it and I’ll always be so thankful for her and our friendship. It’s becoming an (unofficial) annual thing for us to have a winter photoshoot, and this year we landed on the tree farm. It was my first visit EVER to a tree farm and I totally fell in love. Chloe told me her family had a tradition of going to this farm nestled away in Mason, Michigan. It’s almost convinced me I need to have at least one real Christmas tree in my home simply so we can pick one out and chop it down ourselves! Plus I wouldn’t have to buy the pine tree scented candles anymore, so that’s also a win.

What I love about shooting with Chloe is that she always has a vision of how she wants some of the photos to look and brings her own ideas to the table, as well as let’s me experiment with my own creativity. In a nutshell we collab really well together. After we were done running down the aisles, we hopped on the tractor pull for a ride back to our car and the guy definitely questioned why we weren’t leaving with a tree haha.


Then Chloe took over my camera for a minute! Can you tell I love the tree farm!?