Weitzel // surprise baby announcement

Fur babies, a real baby, Michigan tree farm covered in snow. I loved this shoot and am so freaking excited to share!

Johanna booked a family session as a Christmas gift to her parents. One week later she pulled me into a conference room at work and said, “I’m pregnant and I want to surprise my family with the news during our shoot!” *Queue all the emotions.*


Get ready for the expression you make when you learn you’re about to have a Grandbaby!

This moment is so precious. JohannaRyan-34JohannaRyan-37JohannaRyan-38JohannaRyan-39JohannaRyan-41JohannaRyan-42

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the dogs knew exactly what we were celebrating but they sure were excited!JohannaRyan-45

After Hanna made the announcement, her dad went into instant care mode, sweetly holding her arm to help her over the big snow piles so she didn’t slip. JohannaRyan-51

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