Dana + Drew's Romantic Summer Wedding

Remember last year when I photographed these cuties winter engagement session at Michigan State? Well they’ve tied the knot and oh my goodness it was a fun day!

Dana and her family intertwined their Czech traditions perfectly throughout the day. One way was by her family setting up a game for Drew to complete in front of their guests. He started at the bottom of the stairs while she waited for him at the top. Every few steps there were obstacles for him, such as drawing out a map and marking where Dana was from and chugging a traditional beer! All the guests were leaning over the balcony cheering him on and bursting out in laughter watching it all go down.

After dinner, I made my way outside to snag some candids of guests mingling. As I walked out the french doors, I see Dana and Drew to the left embraced watching the sunset, as if they were the only two there on the crowded patio. My heart might have melted a little bit seeing them! Eventually Daney did turn around and immediately shot me a silly face!

Dana and Drew are truly a perfect match. They compliment each other so well and just exude happiness. Their wedding day was one of the funnest and it was such a joy to be there to capture the special moments for them.

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