Nick + Ashley's Fall Backyard Wedding

Ashley and Nick were married this past September in the most beautifully dressed up backyard I ever did see. After living abroad in Spain, they came home to Michigan for their next big adventure: marriage! 

Ashley was getting her hair done at the dining room table, sipping her Starbucks with her sweet little pup, Boo, laying at her feet. I’ve never witnessed a more relaxed bride. The house was filled with good vibes: the girls upstairs getting ready, the men taking over the lower level, family members getting the final details of the ceremony site prepared, and happy dogs all over the place!

From writing their own vows, to the wood fired pizza truck, to a conga line, to swing dancing at the reception … their wedding day was so perfectly them. Being that we all cheered together in college, wedding day stunting was an absolute must. Ashley was a freaking boss and did it in her gorgeous gown, no problem. She also pulled an amazing prank on Nick during the reception, trust me you’re going to want to scroll down to see it!

Friends new and old gathered around the bonfire at the end of the night and excitedly celebrated this perfect pair for a sparkler exit.

Congratulations again, Nick and Ashley!