Lansing Brewing Company Wedding Celebration // Kim + Gilbert

“Nothing Fancy, Just Love”

Those meaningful words, beautifully hand lettered, welcomed each guest as they arrived to celebrate Kim, Gilbert, and their sweet daughter Addie. But before guests arrived, we started the day with beers at the bar, walks in front of murals, and a private vow exchange in downtown Lansing. 

Watching them share their vows with one another was one of my favorite moments to witness during their day. They talked about becoming grandparents, or a “G Bop” as they said (freakin cute, I know). As I kept clicking away off to the side, giving them their moment, my eyes teared up along with them. 

We arrived back to the Stockhouse, and let me just say, they know how to throw a great party! All their favorite people joined them on a Sunday afternoon to eat, drink, and celebrate their marriage! 

I’m so grateful to have gotten to know this beautiful family over the last couple years and am so excited to see what the future hold for them. Congratulations again, Kim and Gilbert! Love you three!