How to prepare for an in-home lifestyle photography session

In-home lifestyle photography sessions have become extremely popular in recent years for engagement photos, anniversary sessions, family sessions, or just because! An “in-home” session is exactly what it sounds like, a photoshoot in your home rather than a traditional studio or outdoor location. 

Woman stands in nursery holding and kissing her baby while dog sits at her feet during in-home lifestyle photography session with Jessy Herman Photo

I personally love in-home sessions for several reasons. These photos are in your own home, the space you feel most comfortable and at peace. A place you’ve made yours where your personality and life are represented so apparently. With in-home sessions, I’ve been able to capture the excitement of first-time homeowners, the earliest days of a new baby being welcomed into a growing family, and the saying goodbye to a childhood home before it sells. 

You might be thinking, “YES I need to book an in-home session for my family right now!” The thought that follows might be something along the lines of, “how do I prepare for photos in my own home?” I’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips to make the most of your session.

What would you usually be doing?

Is the living room where you spend the most time? Does your family make cinnamon rolls and bacon every Saturday morning? If you and your little one love to read in the nursery, let’s do that! Whatever it is you enjoy doing, or would normally be up to, are great things to photograph during your in-home session. 

Tidy up

An uncluttered, clean home will help bring the focus to you rather than the pile of clothes on the floor. Be mindful of what may be in the background of your photos. This being said, we’ll likely only shoot in a few rooms that are most meaningful or have the best natural lighting, so no need to Marie Kondo the entire place.

Is it okay that we have pets?

Yes! They are as much your family as anyone else and should absolutely be included. It’s a good idea to give them a bath the night before if needed, have some treats or toys on hand, and be sure to give your photographer a heads up prior to the session.

Have trust in your photographer!

Although I love to take a documentary-style approach to in-home lifestyle photography sessions to really represent your life as it is, I might also place you in certain spots with great light or details of your home that should be incorporated. If you’re feeling nervous, remember you’re just hanging out at home!

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