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I love photographing in open fields with golden sun setting, at the beach as the evening sky turns blue, and running through the city with all its beautiful chaos surrounding us. I thrive in these environments. Above all, I love photographing the real moments. I create my best work when a couple shows up ready to have some fun, can be unafraid expressing their love, can trust my creative eye and open to trying something different when sudden inspiration strikes. 

If you're not a fan of being in front of the camera, or have never had professional photos taken, this paragraph is for you my friend. Stepping in front of the camera can be an awkward feeling, I get it! Nearly every couple comes to me very excited to work together, but usually with the same hesitation: "We've never had our pictures taken before, we're a little nervous!" I hear this over and over, and I promise you, I will do everything I can to help ease that feeling. It is my goal for you feel comfortable and confident so your truest self shines through!

Connection and trust are a big part of making our time together successful. I want us to be a great fit!

Let me be honest






You value experiences over material items

You can't leave the house without a snack

You love natural moments over posed photos

You quote The Office in daily conversation

You want someone who cares about your day as much as you do

I might be the photographer for you if...

What it's like to work with me

“Jessy is an immensely talented photographer, but what sets her above others in her field is her ability to connect with her clients and make them feel comfortable and at ease. My husband & I adored her from when we first met her. She is bubbly and smart and intuitive - all qualities that show through her gorgeous photos! My family echoed the same sentiments and was blown away by her professionalism and thoughtfulness during our wedding. We were honored to have her photograph our engagement and our wedding day. I’d recommend her to any person or couple looking for excellent photos and an even better experience!"

“Jessy truly brought out the best in us and made it feel so easy and natural. She was so fun to be around, but also very professional and able to be extremely efficient with our large wedding party. We would recommend Jessy to absolutely anyone!"

“Jessy is the most beautiful soul, and an amazing photographer on top of that. I highly highly highly highly highly recommend Jessy as your photographer for your wedding, family shoot, baby shoot, whatever shoot. You would absolutely be missing out on amazing shots, meeting such a beautiful person, inside and out, and the best photographer to work with. You will not be disappointed.”

Where are you located?

I'm based in Buffalo, NY and serve the Western New York area! A majority of my weddings are in Buffalo, Rochester, or the Adirondacks, with a select number of NYC weddings each year. If you're located elsewhere, don't hesitate to reach out!

What is included in a wedding package?

I'm not trying to fit you into a predetermined "option A, B or C." Instead, I'm going to create a custom package based on your exact needs. Packages can include an engagement session, full day wedding coverage, photobooth, wedding album and more. I want to tailor this to YOU. Let's talk about what you want!

When will we get our photos back?

Full wedding galleries are delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding day. Family and couples sessions are delivered within 3 weeks of our session date.

How will we get our photos?

I deliver your images in a personalized online gallery sent right to your email. Your gallery has a built in print shop to make ordering any prints, canvas, or other products easy peezy. 

Do we pick the images we receive?

I pride myself on delivering all the usable images. You'll receive every image that is not out of focus, a test shot, duplicate, or one where I've caught someone blinking.

Can you photoshop me?

Negative. I may not know you yet, but I do know you are beautiful as is, and for that reason I never do any major body manipulations. I will however remove blemishes and any distractions that may find their way into an image, like a stop sign in the background, for example. 

Do you work with a second shooter?

I'm a one woman biz! With nearly 40 weddings per year, I have mastered photographing weddings solo. More importantly I am confident in my ability to do so without missing important moments.

We're feeling lost planning the day out. Can you help?

Absolutely. Once you book, let's schedule a call to go over any questions you have about this. You also receive my Welcome Guide full of tips and preparation info. While I'm happy to help where I can, I am not a wedding coordinator, nor do I wish to be. But I have amazing friends who are! If you're feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend a wedding planner.

We're ready to book! What's our next step?

YASSSS I'm so excited to hear that! Start by filling out my contact form and we'll go from there. Can't wait to hear from you!


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