Besides being a beautiful place, the Buffalo Erie Botanical Gardens have become one of my favorite locations for engagement photos. I’m sharing five reasons why choosing a greenhouse for your engagement session makes for an ideal location.

Weather doesn’t matter at the Buffalo Erie Botanical Gardens

No matter what weather Buffalo throws at us, you will not have to worry about rescheduling your session because of it. 

You won’t freeze inside the botanical gardens

On the day of the Matt and Rebecca’s session featured throughout this post, we actually made a last-minute decision to shoot at the botanical gardens. The October weather had dropped to the 30s and was spitting rain. No need to sacrifice your cute shoes for practical boots or cover up your new outfits with heavy coats just to get through your session.

Variety of settings

Have you visited a greenhouse or indoor garden location before? They’re breathtaking! One minute you’re walking through lush, green rainforest and the next you’re surrounded by cacti and succulents. The Buffalo Erie Botanical Gardens, in particular, are very spacious with 12 different houses to walk through, providing plenty of variety for your engagement photos.

Good, even light

Something us photographers really love is great light and greenhouses offer just that. The windows act as a giant softbox for us. This means you don’t have any sun making you squint or unflattering shadows being cast across you.

The Buffalo Erie Botanical Garden is a unique location

I don’t mind shooting at a park or downtown at all, in fact, I also really love those settings. But if you’re looking to do something a little different, an indoor garden like the botanical gardens is definitely a unique location for engagement photos.